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lydialovexo asked:

Gah my apologies! I checked out your about me & the favorites section. (I swear I'm not a creep.) Your blog is really nice. :}

Ah no worries! Was thinking about deleting them pages to be honest, no one reads ‘em anyways, could do with a change of the theme as well xD 


Anonymous asked:

That post about straight white boys had shit all to do with equality. Now I can tell straight away that's what you fucking are and get this it's true. If teenage boys weren't horny fuckwits all the time then there would be no post but due to them lingering on girl shoulders and tits all the time then we're allowed to complain. Also they were stating an obvious truth about how queer people are considerate of being conservative. That's all you pathetic weak white boy


Wtf. I’m not even a guy..
Jesus Christ

Wat a nuttah

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